Create Nandroid Backup Without CWM Custom Recovery

Create Nandroid Backup Without CWM Custom Recovery

Before you start, you should know how to back up and restore your phone with the TWRP recovery environment. To take a full backup of your device in order to restore it later, you will be required to boot into TWRP recovery.

  • As a result, it is critical to leave enough space for the device to function properly.
  • The stock boot image is required not just for rooting and unrooting, but also for fixing boot loops.
  • Android app market is full of third-party apps that assist with backup for rooted phones.
  • By selecting the Apply Update option, you can use volume keys to apply the update.

Another way is to use ADB and Fastboot, which allow you to push updates and ROMs to your phone. There are several methods for backing up your Android device in the aftermath of adb backup becoming deprecated. You could use the terminal to launch the backup command.

Doing so will create a backup of all the partitions on your device. These include the data, system, vendor, boot, among others. So if your device gets bricked or boot looped, you only need to restore this backup and the device will be up and running. Adb backup system image is a command used to backup your Android device’s system image.

stock rom backup

In my experience, I recommend running two to three backups just to make sure you have everything saved. Things like SMS messages don’t get backed up so if you have anything valuable on your phone or tablet, it’s recommended that you transfer those individually. If your device has boot ramdisk, get a copy of the boot.img (or init_boot.img if exists). If your device does NOT have boot ramdisk, get a copy of the recovery.img. You should be able to extract the file you need from official firmware packages or your custom ROM zip. The Nothing Phone 1 ships with Nothing OS, a nearly stock Android skin.

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